Self​-​Titled - 7"

by Teething

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Released by Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records, Odio Sonoro and Nooirax Producciones.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Epsilon Studios.


released April 5, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Hell Song
Now that the people know I'm a worthless piece of shit,
you can call me all you want, you can call me a son of a bitch
I'm gritty, I'm filthy, I'm ugly, not pretty, can't wait to go down south
I'll carve into my neck a fucking six six six

Six six six - waiting for the beast
I am numb, I can't scream, I can't feel anything

I hate all my fucking friends, I hope they fucking die
My skin is burning out, the bones are almost dry
Every day I fuel the flame to ignite these bastard blues
Waiting for my better days down in hell with you

We all sing…
Fuck the world - burning it down
Fuck the world - burning this fucker down
Track Name: Fuck This Face
This face, this face, I hate this fucking face

Every inch north of these chins despised by a massive cerebral cephalgia
Eyes like two cigarette butts, the smile of a jizzing machine
Here I stand on my grave of human shit, praying to thy lord savior
"Fuck you God for giving me this face"

This face, this face, I hate this fucking face
Track Name: Broken Teeth
I hope he drives through a windshield
and is forced to crawl on broken glass
I hope he gets up only to fall on his mouth

Broken teeth on the street

I hope he cries while he reaches for help
and strangers refuse to reach

I was all you had, you fucked up - fucked up bad
I was all you had, you fucked this up real bad

And years later, I hope he prays for his stupid death
because his brain is retarded, almost fully dead
Force-fed apple sauce by your own plastic tube,
a shit-wiping sister and a wheelchair

Because nothing is as beautiful as when he bleeds
Broken glass, broken limbs, broken teeth, broken hope, broken smile
Broken lungs, broken brain, broken cries, broken spine, broken life
Track Name: 1996
I shave my head off and I don't care
I only do just what I want want
I take the poison and that's okay
Ghetto blasting "Misfits" days

School is fucking out, we skate like bats tonight
Throwing rocks at cops like dynamite

'Cause I'm sixteen, sixteen, sixteen
Yeah, you know what this means
I said...

We all rob bottles at the liquor store
We all smoke cigs in bathroom stalls
We don't give a fuck about anything
We don't give a fuck anymore

Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen
Yeah, you know what I mean
I said...
Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen
I go unseen

Sixteen and alive, forever sixteen all my life
Dirtiest years of my life, sixteen and alive

Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen
So unclean
Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen
Abortion machine
Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen
We go unseen
So unclean, abortion machine, we go unseen
Track Name: Self-Extinction
Death to humans, rotten decay
Self-extinction to this useless race
Every creation burnt to flames
Repeat after me, "Bring it back to them"

Run like a fox
Howl like a wolf
Hunt like a shark
Attack like a bear
Sting like a bee
Bite like a snake
Feast like a lion
Tick like a bomb