Broken Teeth

from by Teething



I hope he drives through a windshield
and is forced to crawl on broken glass
I hope he gets up only to fall on his mouth

Broken teeth on the street

I hope he cries while he reaches for help
and strangers refuse to reach

I was all you had, you fucked up - fucked up bad
I was all you had, you fucked this up real bad

And years later, I hope he prays for his stupid death
because his brain is retarded, almost fully dead
Force-fed apple sauce by your own plastic tube,
a shit-wiping sister and a wheelchair

Because nothing is as beautiful as when he bleeds
Broken glass, broken limbs, broken teeth, broken hope, broken smile
Broken lungs, broken brain, broken cries, broken spine, broken life


from Self​-​Titled - 7", track released April 5, 2012



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