I shave my head off and I don't care
I only do just what I want want
I take the poison and that's okay
Ghetto blasting "Misfits" days

School is fucking out, we skate like bats tonight
Throwing rocks at cops like dynamite

'Cause I'm sixteen, sixteen, sixteen
Yeah, you know what this means
I said...

We all rob bottles at the liquor store
We all smoke cigs in bathroom stalls
We don't give a fuck about anything
We don't give a fuck anymore

Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen
Yeah, you know what I mean
I said...
Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen
I go unseen

Sixteen and alive, forever sixteen all my life
Dirtiest years of my life, sixteen and alive

Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen
So unclean
Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen
Abortion machine
Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen
We go unseen
So unclean, abortion machine, we go unseen


from Self​-​Titled - 7", track released April 5, 2012



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